Anthony, 19, avid dreamer and believer.

Anonymous asked: 5 songs that you wish you had written?

All Too Well, Me and Your Cigarettes, Stronger, People Like Us, Let It Go.

Anonymous asked: You're kinda awesome. Just a little bit.

Thanks, you too, friend.

Anonymous asked: you're the best person in the entire world. don't ever bring yourself down. you're awesome. that is all.

This made my night. I’m forever grateful for you.

Anonymous asked: what are your favorite types of questions?

Questions that I actually receive. ;)

Anonymous asked: would you rather be able to play guitar or piano?

Guitar all the way.

Anonymous asked: top 3 places to shop?

Old Navy, H&M and Gap.

Anonymous asked: you should wear that blue and white striped sweater every day. it makes your eyes pop!

But summer is coming up! /: